August 30, 2019

Evil Saint!

Posted below was my speculation that the Swedish girl who "sailed" from Plymouth, England to New York City because she wanted to shame those who flew in airplanes actually did the voyage "single-handedly" (alone) and in an eco-friendly fashion. And, while I was prepared to give her a pass (yet condemn the underlying parties who supplied the Zillion-dollar boat, arranged for this propaganda, etc.), I am now prepared to lump her in with those Climatic Nazis because she appears to be a hectoring-harridan-in-the-making; basically a female David Hogg who thinks her childlike ignorance allows her to harp on the climatic conditions without any requisite responsible research.

She will make someone a terrific future ex-wife someday!

Here is Paul Joseph Watson's take on the bitch-in-progress:

Note that it DOES confirm the fact that she did NOT make the voyage alone but was accompanied by adult male crew members. Paul also points out the eco-follies created by this children's crusade, namely she should have sailed to China, India, or Russia, etc. and lectured them first, and they're going to need to fly the current crew back and another crew over to sail the boat back. Also, maybe she should spend time lecturing the U. N. on the fact that goat-fucking Muzzies are investing her homeland and raping and killing little girls like her.

Shit howdy, when I was a kid, I spent several Summers in Marblehead, Massachusetts sailing and I can tell you it is a terrifying thing when you leave sight of land. (So-called 'blue water' sailing.) I almost got a spot on a SoCal to Hawaii TransPac racing sloop but demurred, so had this girl done this on her own, she could lecture me all she wants. But sitting in a racing yacht with 6-7 unshaven, stinking male sailors is not a challenge.

But since you did not do that and were only a passenger on what amounts to a small luxury cruise ship, this applies:

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