August 16, 2019

Gimme your guns!


Here we go again! The retards in Congress are at it yet again, wishing to contravene the Constitution and the inalienable rights of citizens.

This is supposedly to placate the masses of unhinged gun-grabbers abroad in this land.

However, it is a dubious proposition as it will NOT pass the House nor make it through the Senate. And even if it does pass, can you imagine the constitutionality of it's implementation? How will it be enforced? Will armed police or ATF agents be going door to door and confiscating any semi-automatic firearms? How about that Ruger 10-22 that you and your son go plinking with? How about the MILLIONS of semi-automatic sporting rifles? Or the MILLIONS of Glock, M1811A, Baretta, or CZ handguns? Is a revolver a semi-automatic weapon?

How about "gun buy-backs"? Did we buy our firearms from you in the first place? Are you going to buy back firearms with OUR OWN TAX MONEY? How much will you pay me for my M-1 Garand? How about my best friend's WWII collectable M-1 Carbine? A $50 Walmart gift card? How very generous of you?

I'll bet that your ultimate law will be well-thought out and will address all of those fine points

But, go ahead and virtue signal away, o ye reps in deep purple districts. You will have handed YET ONE MORE ISSUE for your Trump-supporting opponent to shove back in your face!

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