August 11, 2019

Wax On..Wax that's how it works!

A while ago, this Canadian stevedore, truck driver, circus roustabout, vile waste of skin decided he was tired of packing a penis and traded in his dungarees for something sheer and gossamer and lace-trimmed.

He wanted to become a she.

The back story is told nicely over at a recent PJ Media post. To summarise:

Well, I have no problem with that as long as he shuts the fuck up about it. I basically am not interested in what goes on with this perv the way I don't want to look into other people's toilets before they flush. But this creature could not leave it alone and -- as the summary above tells -- tried to force women who operated tanning/waxing salons to scrape the short and curlies off his testicles. And now it has fallen into the hands of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. (Lovely title that. It reeks of a lot of fair-minded Canucks just poised to render justice along traditional established male/female role lines, doesn't it?)

Well, it turns out that Madame Shitload testified to this board and wants to take down several of these businesses for personal and financial aggrandizement..

..and it will take three months of touchy-feely Social Justice bureaucratic bullshit to settle before these bikini waxers get their lives back. In the mean time, many people have come to the defense of the straight-and-narrow path including a couple of Canadian lesbian activists who put a torch to the horse manure this abundant waste of skin is slinging.

By the way, this load of excrement has a mother complicit in his perv activities.

They are real pieces of work!

Also factor into this that dedicated dick-choppers have sent this jackwad's Wiki down the memory hole, there grows a whole new thread of intrigue I am not willing to follow. I just wanted to stir things up and make this editorial statement:

So basically, if someone desires to engage in a pervy lifestyle, he can use the power of the state to force this on others who think it disgusting. And an ever-degenerating society would coerce 14-year-olds to allow a person like this to insert their tampons, or allow this person to invite a dozen or so nubile debutantes over to a pool party so he could scope out their titties, or get beauty shop owners to fondle his testicles, or make the case that real lesbos would have to consent to his advances because he claimed he was -- to paraphrase Dirty Harry's famous quote -- "a lesbian in his own mind", then we may already be 95% down the slippery slope and into the septic tank with one foot on the banana peel and the other on a used Maxi-Pad™.

Lord help us! Pray for sanity and, at least, for this lump of shit to be hit by a garbage truck! I'll fade out with a Monty Python number.

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