August 21, 2019

THE DNC FIX IS IN..yet again..

Probably of little interest because it deals with the "candidates" swimming down near the bottom of the pond, but it appears that the DNC is stirring the pot and fixing the race for their choices yet again. Quelle surprise, as the frogs say.

The bad news take-away from this is that it seems those nauseating bottom-dwellers -- Bet-Toe, "Asparagus" Booker, and some other soon-to-be-has-beens -- are being waved on through to the next round where they can spill their inane rhetoric and illogic into the living rooms of the nation while the one candidate who keeps them honest by posing devastating arguments and asking embarrassing questions is being given the hook.

Not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard but a fan of her ability to keep this DNC shit show real; I would like to see the other idiots have to squirm and stumble and bumble in an effort to square the circle of their preposterous bleatings versus her logic.

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