October 30, 2012

Stay classy, Crapsack™

Well, it seems that Preezy Sack-o-Shit© is now doin' it with the oldies:

..so there you have it, a steaming pile of inter-generational slime and degradation. If this keeps up, when this election is over, we're all gonna need to get hosed down by a Haz-Mat team.

I feel so-o-o-o-o-o dirty!

(Hat tip to Gateway Pundit via Drudge.)



  1. I call it dementia 2012.........

  2. Leftist zombies grow old, too. Just not gracefully.

  3. Someone needs to put a hard crimp in Granny's colostomy bag and tell her if the Democratic Party's obvious attempts at vote fraud and manipulation occurs, WE'RE gonna burn this motherfucker down!