October 23, 2012

As usual: POTUS "Plan" is too little..too late..

Or, more appropriately, this late-to-the-dance, newly released economic plan is as worthless as the interminable oral flatulence this Crapsack™ has been uttering over the last half-decade.

The D&C and Obama campaign have released an ad discussing this -- it's over on the link cited above, I ain't helping out that P.O.S. -- and here's an excellent refutation of the points from an HG commenter:

..isn;t it grand when smart people do the heavy lifting for you? Thanks, dominigan!


1 comment:

  1. If you look at the debate without the sound on, Obama looks like the challenger and Romney looks like the president. Obama sneers, pouts and mugs while Romney pursues a steady course.

    The goofballs in the Democratic machine lauded Obama's performance but the professionals within their ranks saw their last hope fade with the end of the debate.

    Romney came off as a balanced, reasonable, intelligent, knowledgable man who will lead from the front and will work to cure our legion of ills at home.