October 31, 2012

Seals on speed dial? Busy signal? Leave a message?

The Sack-o-Crap™ POTUS wanted it both ways and gets called by a women's group for his denying SEALs assistance in Benghazi:

..steal this ad and make it go viral!

UPDATE: A friend sent me a link to a video that tells the ugly side of the incredibly casual understanding that this POTUS has of military affairs and national security:

The man seems to have wantonly used the military as well as the other organs of the government for the sole purpose of perpetuating himself in office, conveniently leaking vital information in a vainglorious attempt to steal the valor and hard work of the Navy SEALs, military, and members of the intel community who brought that goat-raping camel jockey to justice. And now, when to former SEALs among four brave Americans were murdered by AQ operatives in Eastern Libya, he engages in dissembling, obfuscation, and blame-shifting to keep his tutu pristine.

Is it too much to ask that this piece of slime be cast from office, prosecuted for his incompetence, and forced to live a life of disgrace and dishonor? Well, if not, at least to have him be found in an alley out back of a cheap Hotel Street Faery Bar wearing a sequined pantsuit and seven-inch platform heels fellating a bearded merchant seaman?



  1. He needs to play pick up the soap in jail with Bubba.

  2. Odie - do you wish a communicable STD on Bubba?