October 21, 2012

A vote for Johnson or Paul is a vote against Obama..

Now, I know we're way past the point of the so-called "principled conservatives" or little- or big-"L" libertarians -- and I respect their opinions AND their right to vote for whom they please for any reason they please -- but these are special circumstances and, as such, require special considerations. Bill Whittle deals with this little plotchit of road pie in the video below. This enunciates my sentiments better than anything I have seen to date:

Before you take umbrage with me and post some steamy comment, pay particular attention to the last minutes of Mr Whittle's screed and know that after Governor Romney becomes President Romney -- if we are so fortunate -- I will be at the barricades with you fighting for the conservative government that we all want.

On January 21st, 2013, there's gonna be a whole new set of rules that Romney and Ryan will have to adhere to.


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  1. DUDE! I'm voting for Romney for all of the usual reasons.

    NOW DUDE, you've been missing a lot of news in my life. Now get over to Woodsterman and scroll down a couple of days. When you find it, give yourself a well deserved Melvin.