October 2, 2012

Meet "Deadly Earnest"..

Hmmmmm. Is this like the "Ernest Goes to Jail", "Ernest Rides Again"..or just plain "Ernest Scared Stupid"? You, of course, know him as "Slow Joe", "Plugs", VPOTUS Flat-Line, and various other appropriate sobriquets, but "Ol' Number Two" disgorges yet more of his wunnerful freeze-dried-brain effluvia:

Do you think we should let Mr Brain-freeze know that he and The Magic Negro have been running the show for the past four years?

Nah, I don't think so either.

On a tangential note, American Crossroads has opened up its wallet to the tune of $16 million on ads like the following:

Could this finally be the cycling up of Romney's Death Star? One can only hope.

UPDATE: Well, here's an appropriate response to VPOTUS FLATLINE's mantra above --courtesy of his boss:


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