October 12, 2012

Histrionics 101..

Everybody will have kicked the VPOTUS debate from pillar to post this morning but I would like to add my favorite cut from Mr Sardonicus's performance last night's dust-up:

Seems that Steven Hayward over at Powerline Blog felt the same. His post, "Morning After Notes" came up with some absolutely stunning photoshops of our beloved VPOTUS FLATLINE.

A lot of Dems seemed elated at this performance of Biden's which is puzzling to me. But, then again, I cannot pretend to understand how they were wired to begin with when they saw Mr Trifurcate as a wise choice to step in if The Pandload™ decided to translate to the great golf course in the sky. Any subtle points of logic raised by the VPOTUS will surely fade away -- especially given that the overcard combatants will be going at it next Tuesday in their second re-match.

The bitter aftertaste that will linger, I fear, will be the grinning, the interrupting, and the generally boorish behavior of this foolish old man.

As for Mr Ryan, I cannot recall seeing it, but I am sure he must have wearing a Caduceus -- or at least must have sworn primum non nocere ("first, do no harm..") because he remained calm, measured, and respectful of this foolish old man and his fallacious blathering. Many speculate that Slow Joe will be responding to a couple of "clean-up on aisle six" over his plea of ignorance for the Benghazi consulate augmented security requests:
“But we weren’t told they wanted more security there,” Biden responded. “We did not know they wanted more security there.”
But, then again, that's what Ol' Joe traffics in: ignorance.



  1. Biden would have fit right in as a member of Occupy Wall Street - an old obnoxious hippie.

  2. Thanks sir and madam; I value your remarks highly.

    I had not gotten up my full post but just HAD to pass along my impression of Biden. Ironically, it came to me as I was listening to the debate driving to an appointment.

    Naturally, I am glad that Steven Hayward over at Powerline validated my pathetic opinion.

    At my age, I need a lot of validation.

  3. And I thought all along that smile could mean only one thing ... He was filling his Depends.