October 8, 2012

Picture = 1,000 words time..

Powerline Blog -- which I frequent often -- passed me along to an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC site for Political Satire Graphics. I mean we're talking sensationally searing satire, the kinda stuff that eviscerates the liberal crapsacks and calls in blazing nape  missions ON THEIR POS.

Here is are some samples:

It's called The Looking Spoon. So, waddya waiting here for? Head over there immediately, Smokey Stover and enjoy! (I will link the site over their on the right.)



  1. Where the hell you been? I thought I told you about the Looking Spoon. Don't Panic!

  2. Very funny Obama debate notes. Another hour and change until Ryan mops the floor with Plugs Biden.

    I don't suppose you noticed my Oregon Ducks ruling college football lately (a pox on Bama, they should really try passing every other game or so, it seems to work for the Ducks)

    Too bad about the Bruins melting down vs the Beavers, they coulda been somebody this year, they look pretty good. Other than the Beaver game. And the Cal game (ouch)