October 18, 2012

Clamping on the binders..

The Crapsack™ POTUS campaign for re-selection is sucking worms these days. Post-POTUS debate, it seems that these folks are grasping a straws to gin up the energy lost apres-D&C in Charlotte, NC.

It seems the only plausible remnant after the first debate -- where Chimpy, The Kenyan was denuded, bent over, and driven home by Romney -- was the reference to Big Bird. This spawned, of course, anything that the left and Chimpy supporters could foment into a rallying cry, including atavistic demonstrations like the Million Muppet March and other pathetically desperate phenomena.

Of course, a small fragment of detritus remaining on the Hofstra assembly hall last Tuesday was Romney's references to "Binders of Women" which elicited on-cue outrage from feminists and other sycophantic Chimy devotees.

It was actually a pretty noble sentiment: Romney, the newly ascended governor of Massachusetts, was taken aback by the all-male composition and requested that a search be performed of qualified female candidates to alleviate this condition. The results were many, many ladies' professional resumes and they -- of course -- were put into binders. The resumes, not the ladies themselves.

(Well, you have to explain these things to libs.)

"The women in binders! How much for the women in the binders?"

And, as I said, all of the Birkenstock wearing, frazzle-haired gals with unshaven armpits and legs went ballistic and heaped venom and vitriol on Goveronor Romney's effort.

I'd engage in a further discussion of this but it is another dreary example of how Obama and his crew trade on outrage and division as opposed to dong something like -- oh, I don;t know -- presenting a plan and a vision for the next four years.

In any case, the outfall of this puts me in mind of a Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance linkage with address books, little black books, seamy men lusting after wimmenses and, ultimately this precious moment from The Blues Brothers:


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