October 22, 2012

Horseshoes and hand grenades..

..or, like President Crapsack™ says, bayonets and horses.

Well, turd breath, I don't know about the horses, but I sure as hell there are still a lot of bayonets being used by our military and other armies around the world. I have three words for you: M7, M9, and OKC 3S.

Below is an old US Krag-Jorgensen 1899 Bayonet I inherited from my father (who inherited it from his uncle who served in the Spanish-American war). Note that it also fits on a Springfield M1903 and on my M-1 Garands:

And here is am OKC 3S -- acquired by my son, The Good Lance Corporal, and gifted to me for my AR. It, like the one above is an inter-generational possession that I will treasure until the day that I die:

The OKC 3S model are standard issue in the USMC and probably the U. S. Army. So, will someone please tell this iggorant sumbitch POTUS that there are probably MORE bayonets in use today than here were back in the early 1900s.



  1. I still use my bayonet to pick my teeth.

  2. ..you also use that old knotted piece of dock hawser for floss too, grandpappy!