May 2, 2011


UBL is room temperature thanks to a Navy SEAL team and CIA paras. Words don't come easily at the moment. Let's let the USNA Commandant tell us his feelings: can debate all you want about Obama's role in this. I'll give him credit for doing the deed, continuing Bush's policies, keeping Gitmo open (and thereby allowing the intel to be harvested), and, thankfully, and not letting the military get so weak that we would have had a tragic breakdown in the desert like Carter's military did in that aborted hostage rescue attempt.

..but, I hope he has the good sense to shut up about this and not try to Hoover up any more glory for himself than he actually deserves.



  1. Bin Laden's death is a symbolic victory for America and underscores the relative value of our "Allies" in Pakistan who protected him for so many years.