May 5, 2011

Obama goes to Ground Zero.. his handlers and spin machine would have you imagine it:

"..and we won't let those people who did this forget what I did here.."
..and as Mike Ramirez see it:

..more to come on The Pantload's incredible four day hack job of the taking down of OBL. It surely has become a target-rich environment. Let's start with the trip to GZ. I was going to write something, but so many have said/depicted it better than I could ever do. I call your attention to King Jester's seminal essay on M. T. Suit's excursions to the Big Apple:

Obama invited Former President George W. Bush to come with him today, but he declined, citing a wish to stay out of the spotlight.

Obama then invited Former President Bill Clinton, but he was unable to attend because of scheduling conflicts.

Do you see a pattern here?

Here's a visual summary of King Jester's assertions:

UPDATE: The Obama Fail blog -- one of my favorites -- has a very interesting video on the form letter that Obama's clown troupe sent out to gather an audience for his GZ sojourn. this piece of crap POTUS classy or what?


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  1. That is one hard hitting video. That guy is nothing by an opportunist. I'll be linking to you with the video over at TCL FB.