May 27, 2011

Liberal math..

Ever wonder why liberals over spend OUR money? Take a gander at how the piece of crap that foisted off The Meathead Tax on California helps Archie bunker square his obligations:

For that matter, ask yourself honestly whether the limp-membered GOP will be able to stand up to the Dems November-after-next.

..I didn't think so either.



  1. It's not a tax on the poor, it's a tax on the stupid, best kind of tax, the stupider you are the more you pay.

    I can see why you object so.

  2. fact, the Meathead Tax was a tax on smokers -- and arguably the poorer elements of our society. If they ever *did* tax stupid, however, then I am sure your ox would be gored big time and you'd be rending the blogosphere with your lamentations.

  3. Yes, people consume an addictive poison because they are poor!

    No, they smoke because they are stupid, their income is not a factor.

    What is a factor though is the tobacco industry and it's obvious that their propaganda, like cigarette taxes are an attack on the poor and not their vile business, works quite well on morons like you.

    Taxing smokes encourages quitting and that's a good thing. It also makes money from stupid people, that's an even better thing, stupid people shouldn't have money.