May 7, 2011

Obama cluess? Talk about Clueless!

Don't get me wrong here. Since ordering Osama killed, The Pantload and his Clown Troupe have turned that event's aftermath into a pig's breakfast. But I gotta cite a couple of clueless clods on our side of the fence for you all -- "Mittens" Romney and "Neutered" Gingrich.

Don't make any mistake here, I will be voting for either if they become the nominee of the GOP. Anybody -- ANEEE..BOD..EE put that sack of crap in the White House now. In fact, I would vote for a sack of crap before I'd vote for that sack of crap.

But these two charlatans gall me immensely.

Talk about 16 hours sleeping on a decision, Mittens turns into a virtual Rip Van Winkle before he comes out on the "me too" pronouncement against showing the photos of OBL's brain pan. Three days and God knows how many focus groups and polls later and this pile of Crisco makes up his mind?

Sure want this idiot's finger on the button if we need to go to war:

"Ummm. I think I was for showing the pics before I was against it."

(To be clear, I could give a flying crap whether they show the pics of not. I mean all of the Muslim Rage Boy's aren't gonna play nice with us anyhow.)

And, to make my day, I get a follow-up e-mail from the other Mr Indecisive about how he may just run for president if the winds are blowing right:

Note that he tells me to fork over some loot even though he hasn't decided yet. Tell you what, dip shit, you decide and then I'll make a contribution.. Herman Cain's campaign.

Also, these two idiots might consider showing up to a debate or two instead of thinking they can phone it in.



  1. I like Herman Cain, too. Not only is he a genuine conservative, but he also eliminates the race card for BHO and the Progressives. He fits the bill perfectly.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. Dear 'Stake,

    Someone said we could have a Cain/West ticket in 2012 which would send me to the stars with joy. Firstly, they are two super people and secondly, it'd zing all of the squishes who voted for that pathetic sack of shit in 2008 because it was a historical first.

    You want first? Vote for *two* black men who are grown-ups and conservatives and not political hacks!

    If that happened, I'd love to see the breakdown of the black vote on the first Wednesday in November 2012.

    Also, can you imagine the noise and goo from all of the libs' heads exploding?

  3. I find it VERY hard to obey Reagan's 11th Commandment when the topic is Mitt or Newt.

  4. >event's aftermath into a pig's breakfast.

    Yeah, the way bin Laden came back to life and how Obama's numbers just plummeted is pretty obvious.

    They way they kept on changing their story! First they said they killed Osama, and then they said they killed him and now they're saying they killed him! Which is it guys?!!?

    And everyone knows that it was really Bush that got bin Laden anyway, it was all part of his plan:

    1. let bin Laden escape Afghanistan

    2. say you don't care about him anymore, that he's unimportant (not because you can't find him, all part of the plan)

    3. Start a new war

    4. Continue to totally ignore the guy who murdered 3,000 Americans in their office

    5. End Presidency with record breaking disaproval numbers

    6. Sell Ranch, make millions selling plagiarized book and doing lectures

    7. Turn on CNN, see bin Laden dead, turn to wife and yell "I GOT HIM!"