May 5, 2011


From a great post over at Hot Air by one of my all-time favorite commentators, Guy Benson, about how George W. Bush was vindicated with the recent offing of that terrorist scum and now festering lump of crab crap, OBL, a respondent turned me on to The Right Brothers and their in-your-face, unrepentant anthem "Bush Was Right"..

..unfortunately, they deny embedding of their You Tube videos so you have to scoot over there and look for yourself, but it is hot damn worth the trip, I guarantee! I got so stoked over a couple of their songs, I went to their site and bought their CDs and some t-shirts. Can hardly wait for casual Friday at my work.

Also, Guy Benson's post is absolutely super as well.
In short, Al-Kuwaiti’s existence was flagged by at least one Guantanamo Bay detainee, his role and pseudonym were confirmed by KSM and al-Libi, and his true identity was spilled by an Al Qaeda terrorist operating in Iraq.  It’s no exaggeration to assert that all three of these intelligence “strands” may never — or perhaps would never — have materialized absent the controversial Bush administration policies listed above.  These facts are not historical footnotes.  They eviscerate a number of core left-wing articles of faith, including the flawed notions that President Bush “took his eye off the [Al Qaeda/bin Laden] ball,” that Iraq was unrelated to the larger war on terror, and that EITs are not effective — not to mention the ongoing obsession with shuttering Gitmo.  As I conclude in the Townhall piece, Presidents Bush and Obama deserve significant credit for this massive accomplishment, and it would be intellectually dishonest to suggest otherwise

Like King Jester's seminal essay on The Pantload's paucity of visits to Ground Zero (see below), Benson's effort is a keeper. Cut it out, read it, memorize it, and use the facts to strip liberal loonies to the bone in arguments.


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  1. Cool Dude, now I came here to listen to the Dixie Chicks ... where are they?