April 29, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..

..the Jew-hating, chucklehead Drooler returns to kick his rival out of the limelight as Worst POTUS Evah! His latest episode of oral flatulence is a contention that the South Koreans are violating North Koreans’ human rights by withholding food, or something.


You watch; I'll get the the barf bags:

Will someone please pull the chain and flush this festering turd down the commode? When he croaks, I'm laying 5-to-7 that four libs and all the Hezbollah heads of state show up to kick dirt on him. Maybe they should plant him next to Pajama Boy.



  1. The North Koreans should dismantle their nuclear weapons and offer open inspections as a precursor to anything but complete EMBARGO. Their war footing, their attacks on innocent South Korean people, their sinking of South Korean warships engaged in peaceful passage outside North Korean waters show us their true colors -- but Carter doesn't get it anymore now than when he was the president.

    HOWEVER, as bad as Carter was, Obama is worse.

  2. ..he isn't really alive, Odie. He's just left over peanut fodder, bull dust, and cow flatulence reanimated by that cheeseburger-sucking tub of goo, Michael Moore.

    ..what a hash mark!