May 4, 2011

Obama Nixes OBL Exploded Brain Pan Pics..

..but is going with the images of the "tasteful burial ceremony" instead:

..somewhere in the Bering sea, there are thousands of Alaskan King Crabs going hungry.

Thanks to Nicky Goomba for these. Head on over there, he's got more.



  1. ..Nicky has that effect on people. He hoovered this up from another site and ran a couple of old shots of the USN rocketing an old sedan off the front of a carrier. The net effect is to turn this whole episode into a howler.

    So many straight lines, so little time.

    Great for our SEALs, our military, and our dedicated intelligence assets, but in the hands of this administration, the post-event denouement has turned this thing into a Charlie Foxtrot.

    ..Our POTUS and his clown troupe are like red necks in a whore house with a credit card.