May 30, 2011

Thank you, Ogie..

At UCLA back in the day, I was blessed to have a great roomie and fraternity brother -- Terry Ogami -- who could party til dawn and still make his eight o'clocks. Sadly, Terry's GPA attracted the attention of the local draft board and he ended up in what he liked to call "The Asshole of the World".

Also more sadly, Ogie caught it during a VC ambush in Quang Tri on February 20th, 1968 trying to draw fire while rescuing some buds. He was about two months short of rotating back to the world as the idiom of the day describes it.

His little corner of this heroes' realm is here:

I still miss him -- especially each Memorial Day and each eleventh of November. God bless you and keep you, Terry.



  1. We're never ready for the empty chair at the table. Each man and woman we loose is a loss to the nation as a whole. We loose their wit, their wisdom and their personality to the collective country.

  2. Nice tribute to a lost friend War. I thank all including Ogie and rest assured they are all having a grand 'ole time up in Heaven.

  3. Thank you Ogie! I wish I could have known you.

  4. Gentlemen, kind and appropriate sentiments all!

    ..and, Odie, you did know him. As a brother in arms, look in the mirror, and thank you ALL for your service!