May 13, 2011

Definition of grace and class..

Rarely do I turn to ABC's George Stephanoupolis for anything regarding reportage or commentary, but this begs for your attention and screams for your comparison to the clods, clowns, and miscreants of the administration we have running the show in Washington today.

It is an interview with former POTUS George Bush and an additional segment with Condi Rice.

I won't expound on this any further so as to not detract from your viewing, but it is quintessentially Bush, graceful and unwilling to take the spotlight except to champion his latest cause, a 100-mile mountain bike ride across the dry, hot wasteland that is Southwest with our wounded and disabled warriors.

How classy was "W"? He even jibed the annoying Stephanoupolis.

It was nice to have the grown-ups running the store and I sincerely hope we can elect a new leader who will restore that modality to the White House.



  1. >wasteland that is Southwest with our wounded and disabled warriors.

    Considering how many of them he got wounded and disabled in his pointless war with Iraq it's the least he can do.

    >It was nice to have the grown-ups running the store

    Bush? Mr Mission Accomplished "The Decider" "bin Laden isn't important" is "grown up"? Really?

  2. @ salvage; If one really understands Iraq and takes an honest look at it, our involvement there was a completion of what should have been done 10+ years earlier.

    Since the "official" ending of hostilities in Iraq on 3/1/1991 we have been there ever since with the no-fly zones and attacked on a regular basis and that is previous to GW's action's.

    I really tire of explaining the obvious but both the 1st and 2nd action's in and on Iraq were supported and given authorization by both the congress under Bush 41 and then the congress under Bush 43 let alone the U.N. in each case with countless other Nation's if not joining in but actual on the ground support.

    Your underlying point in blaming one man for your logic is really if not uneducated but rather childish in it's naiveté.

  3. > what should have been done 10+ years earlier.

    A botched occupation that has killed thousands and thousands of Iraqis, helped train and motivate countless terrorists was the plan was it? Odd I don't remember the Bush Administration talking about it, I do remember "cake walks" and how it was going to pay for itself. Iraq was no threat to America and the invasion and occupation clearly illegal.

    >have been there ever since with the no-fly zones and attacked on a regular basis

    So only doing a foolish thing slightly means what exactly? That it makes sense to do the foolish thing more?

    >supported and given authorization

    Ohhh so that means there were WMD and Iraq and America are better off?

    And no, the UN gave no authorization for the WMD motivated invasion. It's cute that you don't mention those WMD. If Iraq was so righteous why the lies?

    And no, I know Bush Jr. was not the force behind the invasion, that would be Cheney and his neo-con buddies, Bush was clearly their patsy.

    What I'm talking about is the blogger getting jazzed up that Bush is taking the time to do something he already enjoys in the name of the troops. If Bush had any honor he'd be begging those soldiers for their forgiveness.

  4. Oh, cool! A troll!

    Christopher, sorry I could not respond so quickly, but I had a serious SAREX mission this weekend and only got back into town. Thanks for watching my back, bro'..

    Aside from being delusional, "Salvage" doesn't seem to have a blog nor does he (she?) wish to have his (her) profile shown.

    ..apparently just likes to come over and crap om my rug and spread misinformation and half-baked rebuttals.

    Probably just working up a good case of hemorrhoids.

  5. Wow, you really answered my points! No, I don't have a blog and what does my profile matter to my post and follow up?

    So why do you think Bush doing something he enjoys / would have done anyway makes him "Definition of grace and class"? I think it makes him typical and lazy if not completely unaware of the pain and misery he helped create.

    Bush? Grown up? You ever watch this:

    That's him joking about the lack of WMD, you know the thing he sent American troops to be killed and maimed for? HYSTERICAL!!! LOL!!! What a classy graceful guy and I can see why he's you're hero.

  6. Salvage: whatever.

    Your comments are nothing more than the warmed-over of the hate Bush crowd and are, frankly, boring to me.

    Come back when when you got something new.

  7. That's because facts and truths are like that, they don't change! Hey, you know what else hasn't changed? Iraq:

    Fifteen bombs exploded Sunday within hours of one another in Baghdad, killing at least 18 people and wounding 80, Iraqi authorities said.

    So that's what you call "completion"?

    Hey, remember when Bush and Cheney both said that Taliban were beaten? What happened there?