May 23, 2011

The War Planner's pet troll..

Lately we've been visited here by an an anonymous troll -- Sewage is his name as I recall -- who had no profile nor blog to track back to. So, sparing no expense, I hired a private dick (watch it, bub!) and tracked him back to his lair.

Seems he is a denizen of the Malphrus Cameron Village, North Carolina storm system and does stand-up in his spare time. So, without further adieu, please give a warm, slimy  welcome to the one the only Sewage..

..he'll be here all week; try the veal and don't forget to tip your waitresses.



  1. PS, don't forget to pick up a copy of BLOODY MEXICO: A Novel of Cartel Wars

  2. Your very own troll, you must be proud.

  3. ..and the little piece of dung has a mouth on him too!

  4. Ha! Ha! So now you're deleting my posts? Hysterical that my words on your screen can cause you such discomfort.

    Once again let me point out how sad and pathetic this blog and blogger must be to post about a my "trolling" after a mere four posts.

    Since you seem to view blogging as a measurement of virility that makes you quite the eunuch.

  5. Sewage: your posts will get deleted if they contain profanity, are without redeeming content, or are just generally a waste of space; i.e., like this "I know you are but what am I" masterpiece.

    Otherwise, why would I waste an opportunity to to allow you to display your puerile, so yesterday BusHitler bleatings?

    Blogging and virility? Project much? Why don't you grow a set, put up a blog of your own, and express your opinions like a grown-up..

    ..or are you just waiting until your testicles drop and you can move out of mommy and daddy's basement?