August 18, 2012

Fast becoming a cottage industry..

It seems that welcoming The Butthead Preezy as he aimlessly wanders around our great land in search of four more beers years is becoming a very popular pastime these days. (Apparently a people have a lot of time on their hands. But, I guess that is the outfall of creating a shitty economy and having so many jobless Americans.)

You, of course, remember this enterprising man who saluted our exalted leader as he entered the swing state of Ohio in his Canadian-made bus on the Magical Misery Tour:

Well, now the objections to his "You didn't build that" Roanoke gaffe-fest have borne fruit. Recall the deli owner dishing up pulled pork at his Iowa tour a few posts ago. Now, it seems there's a business owner along the Preezy's route who has gotten more creative than merely a one-fingered salute or wearing a t-shirt. Here, along the roadside in New Hampshire:

Al Letizio owns a small food service business that just happens to be situated along President Obama’s motorcade route to his rally in New Hampshire today. Mr. Letizio, like so many other small business owners across the country, is annoyed at the President's infamous, off-prompter declaration that business owners in America "didn't build that." In fact, it's quite the opposite. The federal government is funded by people like Mr. Letizio.
All we can say is: Bravo, Mr Letizo; hold until relieved and expect reinforcements on 6 November.

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  1. In the business world (I are one you know) I see what Obama is doing for me this weekend. He wasn't there to help the little woman and I set up. He wasn't there bringing our art to our both. He wasn't even there greeting customers ... Ah, but his F***ing economy was there!