August 25, 2012

"What can one say but 'Salieri'?"

I often -- well not often, but frequently -- reflect on my enmity towards Obama and wonder if I am being a bit too brash. Perhaps I should be a little more charitable and forgiving. You know, act like an adult and all that.

Naw, mate, ain't gonna happen in this airman's lifetime.

Tell you why. I cannot help but remember the utterly vile and repugnant way the left demonized and spat upon George W. Bush. The bitterness and hated and lack of respect they showed my president surely does not motivate me to show any respect for their president. "W" had his faults and I will be the first to admit same, but to dishonor a fundamentally good and kid man like this is repugnant.

But, just to clarify my point, I would never say that we should "take out" Obama nor do I wish any literal harm to come to him. Firstly, he is the President of the United States of America and, while he may disrespect the office, I shall not. Any enmity I express towards this crapsack is directed at him personally and NOT the office.

Besides, I cannot think of anything worse that his being assassinated and becoming a martyr. I wish him a long life so -- like Antonio Salieri -- he can see his "legacy" tarnish and fade as he disappears in our collective rear view mirrors.

O.K., clear on that?

..I thought not.


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