August 11, 2012


..back from February 2010. Obamaoney's response?  See below!

UPDATE: Yeah, mate, with the above dismantling of The Pathetic Pantload POTUS in mind, you might want to lay in your supply of Orville Reddenbach and ice down the Red Stripe in preparation for October 11th. Here's who Ryan's going up against in the VEEP debate:

..for those of you who cannot stand the sight of such a bloodletting and want to watch something a tad less brutal, I understand that Nat Geo will be doing a special on the clubbing of Harp Seals in that same time slot. 



  1. Wait a minute.

    I thought that HIDING SPENDING did REDUCE SPENDING. One look at the ObamaNation's spending record and you'll know that I'm right.

    Where are all those shovel-ready jobs that nearly a trillion dollars bought us?

  2. ..they were in the ditch where the car was driven AND THEN COVERED UP WITH DIRT, LL!

  3. Ryan is a bold choice and my enthusiasm for November is growing stronger. Plus, Ryan doesn't need a teleprompter to tell you what he believes.