August 20, 2012


Pic just appeared on Drudge this morning. Nothing to comment on here; it's a keeper and just thought I'd tuck this away for a rainy day.

Alternatively, we could run it as a caption contest. Yeah, that'd work! Anyone got any good lines for this truly lugubrious photo?

Winner of the best caption award is the good and kindly Odie, the venerable Woodsterman. As faithful and loyal a friend and commenter that any progenitor of a blog and man this side of blue heaven could wish.
See you around Christmas time, you shif'less skonk and I'll add a bottle of Beefeater's to your sack 'ere you start your pilgrimage back to the North Lands.    



  1. "Oh, no - who told Biden we were here?"

  2. "Who's that ass wipe over there? Is he yelling he's a war planner?"

  3. Wow, I think mooshell just entered the hall.......

  4. Yup, some of us have "IT" and some of us don't.

    Doooode, I love my visits.

  5. Warplanner, I read your comments on hotair and read your blog here. Do you have a twitter account?

  6. Count? We don't need no stinking count. Dude ... Secret: insult the blog author.