August 15, 2012

Feelin' the love..

Man, this Obama guy sure is one hell of a uniter. I mean, he promised he would bring us together in 2008 and certainly has. I mean, listen to what some of our black brothers and sisters are saying about the upcoming election:

UPDATE: I pulled the link to the Adobe Player above because it kept imploding. I dunno where to find the audio spewed by these hate-filled miscreants. Google it. I frankly think they are demented and suck rocks. just gives me this warm, tingly feeling up and down (but mostly down) my leg.



  1. Wow, she sounds angry, maybe she related .......
    just ordered another 820 rounds of. 556, looks like I had better be ready...........;-)

  2. Hey, Mike!

    Good to have ANOTHER visit from you. I keep looking for your blog link but cannot find it. Drop me a PM sometime; we'll talk about reloading that 5.56!

    The War Planner at gmail.


  3. War Planner
    you have mail.......;-)