August 3, 2012


So, his BLS comes out with the fact that the simple unemployment number rose to 8.3% -- and The Pathetic Pantload POTUS trots out a shill to correct that by telling us that it's really


because, um, you know that number is LESS ONEROUS than 8.3% -- much the same way $9.99 is LESS ONEROUS than $10. He must think we're f**king stoopid! Or, he must think his followers are f**king stoopid! Either way, there's two things I'm thinking here.

Thing One
Why 8.254%? I mean, why not 8.25%? Well, for one thing, those folks who are smart enough to catch this flim-flam would just say to them selves, "Hey, 8.25% is really 8.3% rounded, innit?" and then they would round the number up to 8.3% anyway. So they added the extra 0.004% because, like, you round down if it's less than 0.005% otherwise you'd really have an impetus to round up to 8.3%. (Good thing it wasn't a recurring fraction -- like 8.3333333..% or 8.26666666..% -- because it'd be like one of those Dumb Blonde jokes. You know, where the poor girl gets fascinated and keeps staring and staring?)

Thing Two
The rest of the folks (i.e., Obama's union and teacher supporters and other math-challenged types) might actually think that 8.254% is more than 8.3% because -- I dunno -- more numbers or something.

Remember, there's a stat around somewhere that said something like 70% of the high school dropouts voted for Obama. So then there's that.


"Jimmy, you like gladiator movies?"


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