August 1, 2012

Gaffmeister? Kiss my Ass? Show some respect!

Again work conspires to cause me to be late to the dance on this one, but there is a certain quaint charm and a definite advantage to tardiness. I believe in& chic circles is it referred to being "fashionably late"..unless you run with Ferris Beuller's bride, Horse Face, she of the $750 Jimmy Choos and her stable mate, Anna "the" Wintour "of our Discontent" where your are counseled strictly, "Don't be late!"

Anyway, I am working too hard on these preambles. But, along these lines is the outfall of a severely-extended press corps, working their asses off to make Mitt Romney's European sojourn out to be like a Joe Biden visit to a 7-11 in New Jersey. (Or New Delhi, take your pick.) Let's recount:

Romney visits Merrye Olde Englande and, in an interview with an unctuous Brian Williams, is perceived to express some slight concern over the Brits preparation for the London Olympics. Of course, this causes half of that Socialists Workers' Paradise population, a score of its lefty politicians, and virtually all of its press corpse to swoon in a fit of the vapors. Two days after leaving, it was discovered that there were serious problems in attendance at some of the venues with whole sections of seating at prime events going empty and the ChiComs are up to their usual stunts, allegedly doping their swimmers and throwing throwing badmintion matches. To paraphrase The Carpenters, "We've Only Just Begun".

He then goes to Israel, meets with long-time friend and regular Obama slightee, Benjamin Netanyahu. He delivers an out-of-the-park four bagger on the eve of the Jewish sabbath to a wildly appreciative audience and receives the general acclaim of Israelis everywhere for the friendship and allegiance to their country. Again, however, the poor, trammeled-upon Palestinians commence hyperventilating and accuse him of being a mean and nasty guy because he, well, likes Jews and they don't.

finally, he goes to Poland -- you know the Land of Death Camps run by the Poles in WWII -- and again expresses his admiration for Poland and its bravery in staring down the Soviet Union and communism. He receives a ringing endorsement from Lec Walesa and general approval of the Poles.

Now I have not gotten into the details of this, but needless to say, the ass-kissing, kneepad-wearing MSM in this country are trying to unburnish this visit lest it cast a huge shadow on their Beloved Pantload's diplomatic efforts to date. You know, the ones where he bear-hugs dictators and despots, prostrates himself before sultans and emperors, hands out iPods with his speeches on them, and yaks his way through the English equivalent of our National anthem.

But it is with the visit to Poland's Tomb of the Unknown soldier where the desperation of these bum osculators seem most shrill. They are caught shouting questions at Romney as he goes to a solemn wreath laying and they become so obstreperous that one of his aids rquest they show some respect. In a later exchange, this aid upbraids them and advises that they can kiss his ass. (Hell, they're used to doing that with Obama, so why not?)

Anyway, here's the incident in real time. Ask yourself how ould the press have treated this were it Obama (or any POTUS) at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington, Virginia?

And this is where it gets delicious being tardy. Based on the above, there are two music thingies that emphasize what assholes these presstards were. Here's an MP3 link. Here's a link to another audio track. Enjoy.

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  1. The comment, "Show some respect" was a little too kind. I should have been, "Shut the F*** up!"

    Oh Dude, why the photo of the two horses above?