February 27, 2018

I do NOT support Isreal!

The asshole sheriff of Broward County not the country of brave souls who have stood up to the Mideast goat humpers since the day of their independence in 1947. The former is a self-centered, self-adoring fatuous dick head totally incapable of understanding the concept of command responsibility. Anyway, to cut to the chase, here is an interview he did with Jake Tapper the other day where all of his inadequacies surface below and in its entirety. To his credit, Tapper does a credible job asking searing questions of this fatuous, bloviating, self-adoring prig.

It's 28 minutes long (fireworks start at the 19:00 mark) and painful to listen to in some points but it make the fact that this idiot should be relieved of his job immediately if not sooner.

Left on left at it's best. Pass the ketchup!

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