February 6, 2018

Exhibit A: Clueless little shit McCathy-ite Dem doubles down on the 1A..

On February 2nd, Tucker Carlson had this exchange with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) about the memo and its fallout:

This little pussy is a dickwipe of the first order, I am sure you all know/agree on that point. Also, this is the same little same little shit-sicking prick who paraded his unbridled McCarthyism on Tucker's show Friday evening and got his head caved in by the Tuck because he accused Carlson of "being an agent of Putin".

Over on Weasel Zippers they posted that the little hemorrhoid is now proposing a bill to protect journalists from intimidation.

What is really galling is that this proposal -- should it become law -- it will will essentially codify the lying, fake news journalists as a special class of citizens whose first Amendment rights supersede those of you or I. Further, it could result in law enforcement being empowered to essentially stifle criticism of any sort.

But there is a larger threat.

Tucker was so incensed with this exchange, he did two follow-ups on this and last night's was the most chilling. The front end of the show is below AND YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO WATCH THIS AND COMMIT THE SENTIMENTS TO YOUR HEART AND RESOLVE THAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS LITTLE PRICK SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE OVER OUR LIVES!

The realization that Swalwell and Pelosi and Adam Schitt and MaxiPad Waters and the rest of that clown cabal will be running the House next year for two years is frightening. They very well could Neuter the last two years of Donald Trump's term and very well cause him to lose the 2020 election to someone like Crapifornia Senator Kamala "Will Blow Willie Brown for Political Power" Harris becoming the FIRST BLACK WOMAN PRESIDENT (because they play identity politics so well) with attendant disastrous results.

If this happens, then the crap that was pulled as Obama left office and with the remnants of his appointees still running the FBI and CIA and IRS still in place will be de rigeuer and we all can kiss the America we knew goodbye.

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