February 27, 2018

Hogging the limelight.

Limelight Hogg
I have pretty much been so angry at the bullshit going down in Florida with the left -- ignoring the epic failure of government at all levels -- insist that we must sacrifice OUR Second Amendment rights to somehow compensate for their incompetence. Reinforcing my anger are the antics of several of the crisis actors who float to the surface like so many undigested turds in an open septic tank.

Chief among is David Hogg -- someone I hereinafter refer to The Little Shit.

It seems that Hogg has become the little darling of the left for speaking truth to power by virtue of appearance and his making bones by perhaps posing as a student at the Parkland high school where the shooting took place. There is a wonderfully rich discussion of the inconsistencies in the Hogg narrative presented over at The Fellowship of the Minds blog that bears reviewing.

He may, in fact, NOT be a student at that school:

Anyway, so I see this smarmy little shit has fallen back on the universal argument reserved for the left when they founder: so-and-so is a draft-dodger.

Funny how convenient that criticism is when spewed by punk-assed little shit millennials who were not even alive when The Draft actually meant a fairly healthy prospect that you would end up being called up for military service and, potentially, sacrificing your life and career for your country. (I served in the 10 years in the USAF in lieu of being drafted and being sent to VN in the U. S. Army. Three of my friends were killed serving in VN.)

In point of fact, Donald Trump is serving his country by voluntarily putting his life and family on hold for a decade. The two years of campaigning and, potentially, eight years of service as POTUS at a point in his life instead of living with his family were living very comfortably after workign hard to build his businesses. Now he faces a hectic, thankless job FOR NO PAY (donating his salary) where he is reviled by and unhinged media and part of the population like this little pile of diarrhea.

Also, like the blog citation above, here is a good take-down of that narrative:

..and Ben Shapiro dissects The Little Shit's mewlings in defending the police who essentially showed up at the high school thinking it was Free Donut Day or something:

Personally, I wish The Little Shit -- Hogg not Ben Shapiro -- would crawl off and die somewhere.

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