February 28, 2018

Don't be a DICK!

Boss of Dick's
So the management at Dick's Sporting Goods are going to stop "Assault Style Weapons" in the wake of the Florida #MeToo P.R. fest by little shits like Hogg and the woefully inept Sheriff Isfake. (See my previous posts on these two pathetic characters.)

Anyway, the CEO appeared on the pathetic Good Morning America -- haven for coffee-deprived housewives until they can crack their box of Chablis and hunker down with the quad-cunts at The View or get sloshed to Oprah! giving away Dodge vans -- and said the was going to pull these items off the shelf.

This is hilarious were it not so serious. Turns out they sold The Little Shit A shotgun (Shitgun?) back in 2017 that was not used in the Parkland shoot-out but did NOT sell him an "assault style" AR-15 because they already pulled those from their shelves in the wake of Sandy Hook.

So the tangential, self-righteous posturing over "assault style weapons" and stricter gun control continues and, with the Democrats losing on every other front from DACA to trying to shout down the new tax law as a "favor the rich" boondoggle, they are hanging their hat on this one and their "Hate Trump" mantra for the 2018 elections.

Pretty thin gruel, in my opinion. Once people realize that the basic message is "government fucked up at every level so you need to surrender one of your Constitutional rights", the blow back will similar to the wave of indignation that swept Trump into office over Frau Oven Mitt.

In the mean time, this little virtue signalling effort by Dick's sure has -- like the Wiener episodes of the past -- opened up the double-entendre opportunities!

Here's a couple I did. Feel free to purloin and distribute!

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