February 4, 2018

Dems' hope for "Blue Wave" seems in peril..

Ruminating on how the aftermath of the memo is shaking out on Meet the Depressed and the other outlets' propaganda feeds, not that i would ever watch them, it seems that the battle lines are being formed now and -- in keeping with the subject of this post -- the Dems are on the short end of the stick in that they have to defend their untenable position that government agencies' activities must not see the light of day "in order to preserve national security".

Of course, this is bullshit!

Not only does it fly in the face of their positions in the past (Watergate, the Pentagon papers, etc.) more recently, it aligns with their attempts to move the events on with respect to the Clintons (Bubba feeling up interns and groping women; Hillary's shameless "Government Influence for sale") and notably, Obama's criminally thuggish activities during his administration (especially the IRS coverup; the most comparable example weaponization of a federal agency).

This matter will be confronting them until AT LEAST November when, as a result of their inept explanations and weaseling, they may see their precious "blue wave" crash on the shore to no effect.

It also should be noted that they are severely broke. Chew on this:

They lose in November and the downward spiral continues until they are nothing but a smoking hole in the ground.

..but, as Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker, "Don't get cocky, kid!"

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