February 3, 2018

FISA day brings a lot of short-sighted bloviation..

"After all that is said and done, more is said than done."

Nancy Pelosi Cherry Picking (courtesy Scooter, Big Hairy News)
That old aphorism is proving to be true this evening as the FISA memo was unleashed on a "suspecting world". Predictably, the Dems came off their pre-release stance of our DOJ, FBI, government, way of life, western civilization, and all creation coming to an end if the three-and-one-quarter page executive summary of the Reader's Digest version of the immense, steaming pile of evidence of what an immense, steaming pile of shit the forces allied under Barack Obama and Hillary created to deny Trump the White House and usher old Hippo Flanks into be coronated. They adopted their post-release view that it is big nothing burger (cue Clara Peller) and that it was a "cherry picked" summation of the aforesaid steaming pile.

By the way, the "cherry picking" meme got wide distribution among the left. It was symptomatic of your basic DNC talking points release where all commentaries are suffused with shockingly similar phrases. I looked for a witty, satirical compendium of this on YouTube but none was to be had..as yet.

While all of the media -- left, right, center, top, bottom, sideways -- dove deep into this, gnawing on every piece of of gristle, consuming every globule of fat, and loudly belching out their unsubstantiated opinions, all lost sight of the fact that this race is not a sprint but rather has miles to go before the finish line hoves into view.

About the best bloviation (from my point of view) was Tucker Carlson's show this date. Here is his opening including a discussion with Joseph Digenova and Tom Fitton that is compelling. I actually commend the entire show to you as he gets into it with some little pre-pubescent shitstain congressman from California who can't string any coherent rebuttals together to counter Tucker's inquiries and ends up calling him an agent of Vladimir Putin. Carlson got so mad he threw the guy off his show and then recorded a followup comment telling the audience that the guy is a hemorrhoid. (Well, words to that effect.)

I posted this madly on several blogs advising to the younger among us that they should not be crestfallen because the usual suspects were not instantly shackled and frog marched into law enforcement vans and the guillotine was not erected in the town square to start processing the offenders into shorter editions of themselves.

Naw, mate, unlike the gratifying diarrhea-induced bowel movement whose cramps grip your lower colon like a vice and then ends with the pleasurable thunder of expulsion, this will be like one of those nagging cold sores on your lip or a patch of festering boils on your ass. The pain, irritation, and agony will be drawn out for several months.

Sara Carter (the tenacious FNS reporter-ette who has done yeoperson's duty on this story) said somewhere that this is just 10% of the fecal matter lined up for the blower. If true and if Watergate is a valid yardstick, then the Dems are looking at this roasting their asses until AT LEAST November. If the GOPe doesn't fuck this up, then they will be able to keep Nancy Pelosi, the hapless and incessantly chanting MaxiPad Waters, and the rest of the Dem cabal in a lather until they all turn into grease spots on the carpets of the halls of Congress.

Because this blog is more or less a collection of my thoughts, I thought I'd chronicle my escapades on the other other blogs. Please pardon the self-indulgence. If you do not like it, head on over to Gateway Pundit and tell Jim Hoft that he can pound sand.

OK, that's it. I am saving myself for the long haul and am outta here!

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