February 5, 2018

Durbin: Sorry, DACA-ites, we're dumping you..

From the Washington Examiner via Weasel Zippers..

..this says it all: they are navigating the only course they can through perilous waters. In other words:

"Sorry DACA folks, we are jettisoning you because we have to deal with an electorate that sees through our perfidy. You never were really important to us anyway."

Oh, and blue wave my ass:
Back from the dead, GOP hopes for mid terms jump on improving poll numbers
The Christmas season was not a very jolly one for Republicans. Donald Trump's approval numbers were near historic lows while the so-called generic ballot measuring the relative strength of both parties saw the Democrats with a double digit lead.

But then came tax reform, which has proven to be even more popular than Republicans hoped. A Trump facedown with Democrats ended in the opposition's surrender on the funding bill, and a state of the union speech by Trump that received overwhelming positive response.

On top of all that, the economy is booming, interest rates are low, consumer confidence is high, and the economic outlook for the year is for more of the same.

The result of all this is that the president's approval numbers have shot up and the gap between the GOP and Democrats on the generic ballot has narrowed considerably.

But, lest you think this is over, Han Solo has some advice for you.

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