February 1, 2018

Happy FISA Memo Release Eve to you all..

"Now Bring us a FIA memo
Bring us a FISA memo
..and bring it right here!"

It's getting to look a lot like Christmas, innit? Soon we shall know, fellow babies!

Just to reiterate something I hear on Tucker Carlson tonight. Rep Jim Jordan, when being interviewed by Tucker, said - in the following approximate words - that congresspersons would be free to comment AFTER the memo was released.

Of course they would! And that is why the Democrats are scared shitless. Because so long as a congressman, when questioned, can refer points of the memo to the underlying documents without exposing TS data, the points int he memo can be amplified and the controversy will essentially rage out of control to the Dems' and media's detriment.

A shit storm's coming!

"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!"

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