November 2, 2011

Sometimes I just *Love* John Boehner..

In response to Obama's contention that "We're better off now than.."

..Hell's bells, I can't even write this stuff without reaching for a vomit bag. Anyway, here's the Speaker's response:

..Note to Odie: I won the proxy server battle here at work. Expect the worst (again).



  1. 'The Big Lie.' Works most of the time, at least in the short term and medium term. It worked for Adolph Hitler for about 5 years or so. And we all know how that ended up for good ol' Schickelgruber.

    Obama's been telling us all many, MANY 'Big Lies' for about three years now.

    The thing with the 'Big Lie', is that the long term eventually arrives, and nobody can discount what their own eyes are seeing indefinitely.

    Black is not white, day is not night, and worse off is not better off - in the long run.

    And the long run is now here.

  2. Once in awhile he demonstrates he has a pair. I just wish he'd do it more often.

    I knew you'd getter' done!

  3. This guy thinks Obama is honest. A hero. Really.