November 5, 2011


OVERHEARD AT ZUCOTTI PARK: ..a conversation.
Mind-blown Hippie Wastrel:'s Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Los Angeles, Philadelphia. There's even Occupy demonstrations ion Europe.

Scraggly, Moon-Chick:, isn't it?

MBHW: Yeah, but how come there;s no Occupy Paris?

SMC: Yeah. thought that was what Germany was for.
PERTINENT REMINDER UPDATE: One year from today, we go to the polls and throw the prancing metro-sexual Nancy-boy incompetent boob POTUS and all of his clown troupe out onto the street.

It's a Leap Year, don't you know..



  1. Q: how many mind blown wastrel OWS types does it take to wipe a butt after taking a dump, either on police cruisers or elsewhere?

    A: The number of OWS types to wipe a butt post dump is undefined: no butts have been wiped after dumps so far in Occupy this or that. They just figure the rain will rinse them off, as TP costs money.