November 8, 2011

"Out of Airspeed, Altitude and Ideas"

Courtesy my co-worker and soaring enthusiast, Herr Frank Deischel, this series epitomizes one of the cardinal commandments of flying: "Keep thy airspeed up on final approach lest the ground rise up and smite the.."

..oh well, any landing you can walk away from..



  1. Do gliders not use N numbers? And "assabloy" on the side of the fuselage? ... Makes me wonder where this guy is from and whether his culture is advanced enough to be playing with complicated stuff like gliders.

  2. Innomi..

    I saw that as well. remember Dilbert's Eastern European offshore subcontractors -- the Elbonians? This probably one of their Silver "C" pilots.

    And, considering the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth pics in the series, I would accept staggering away as a viable alternative, Chris.

  3. John F. Kennedy Jr. figured something like this would be the worst that could happen.

    Nope, John John. Things can get much worse. Much.