November 3, 2011


Man am I pissed off.

..bastards at work rigged the proxy server to block Blogger blogs so, with my heavy duty schedule, I am probably going to move TWP to WordPress or host it on another ISP. It's not like I spend a lot of time blogging. I just do one or two posts per day when an idea hits (usually on my break) and compose and post them at lunch or between debugging my software.

And, no I can't do this at night because, frankly, I am too fried.

So, I am researching exporting/importing and all of that crapola. Sorry about that.

The real annoying thing is I can't visit Odie's site. 



  1. We gotta convince Odie to buy his own domain. Can't have you missing out all day.

  2. Just another example of work being the curse of the blogging man!

  3. I'm lunching with Odie coming up soon; I'll broach that subject with him. And as for this being an example, etc. Proof, you're correct! My blogging rights have been infringed upon. I think I need to get to Zucottui Park and be with 99% of my brothers and sisters..

    ..or something like that.