November 16, 2011

Get a room..

Work dropped it's shields briefly so I am coming to you from the basement bunker of my secret hideout..

Since I am going to hang with Odie and the crew this Friday, I thought I'd put my hand in and do something like The Woodsterman's Wal-Martian series. So I put this together from the latest Benneton ad program and..well..a group photo of the cretins form Zucotti. (All pics courtesy Drudge.)

As far as the first two pics are concerned, now I know how girlfriends feel when they are forced to watch LezPorn with their boyfriends. Except, this is like watching two female stevedores go at it.

The third one? Well, somewhere there are some moms and dads who are experiencing heart failure because their little boy or little girl is in that pic..

..or not.



  1. Hope you and Odie have a good ole time!

    Psst If you kiss please don't share :)

  2. Stopsign, I plan on plant a big wet one on the Planner.

    As for you TWP ... I've asked you to please stop posting photos that get my juices flowing.

  3. Hope you guys have a great time. You're not meeting at the local "occupy" protest, are you?

  4. Yeah, that last photo shows lots of waste:

    1. Wasted brain cells on all the dope they sucked down as they bogarted their doobies...

    2. Bodily waste that they all left on the sidewalks of Zuccotti Park

    3. Of the approx 10 visible faces in that photo, each has approx $50K of student loans used to pursue "Women's Studies' or other useless degrees. Total wasted: $500,000 (of which they all want to have forgiven by 'The Man')