October 29, 2011

Instant Karma's gonna get you..

..they say it's the earliest New York City snowfall since the Civil War.

Sure do feel sorry for the OWS folks, don't you?

SEMI-TANGENTIAL-NON-UPDATE UPDATE: Scooter over at Big Hairy News has gone underground and infiltrated the OWS protest. I commend his colorful commentary to you as a must read. As sample:
8:12 AM - I was too lazy to go out for breakfast, so I joined the mutants and walking dead in the free food line. This morning they were serving "homemade stone-ground granola," and while it had the consistency and weight of pea gravel, it didn't taste bad - I had like 5 servings.
Be sure to read all five days of our stout lad's adventures. It's a side-splitter.



  1. Been there. You need to get over to Inno's. You'll laugh your ass off at his OWS story.

  2. ..that's great! Gotta link, Odie?