November 4, 2011

Boggling the mind, stretching credulity..

..and stuff like that. In its nascent days, someone made a joke about the way to clear out Zucotti Park -- and Denver and Portland and Oakland and all of the other new age, consciousness-raised disaffected shit holes springing all over the country -- would be to set up an employment table offering jobs to the denizens.

Well, life imitates art and the result is this wonderful collage of surreal excuses colliding with workforce integration:

Raise bamboo on the roof tops? Why didn't I think about that? Come to think about it, why didn't Obama think about that?

On a more sober note, one wonders how many bona fide businesses spring up from this Zucotti Park Be-In. Think about it. Some hippie astro-chick starts hawking her brownies at the festival and they become a hit. Cut to 10 years later and this lady is the head of a multi-million corporate owner whose daily fret has become the bottom line and those pesky workers striking for higher wages and more benefits. Zap! Instant capitalist.

..just sayin'.

TRIVIA QUESTION UPDATE: Anyone remember Maynard G. Krebs and why this would be relevant to the video above?



  1. Would that picture have anything to do with the mention of the word, "werque?" (misspelled in case Maynard is reading this)

  2. Tugboat..
    ..and you would be correct-o, fellow survivor of the fifties!

  3. Dude! Get those capitalists out of our communist gathering!