November 13, 2011

The Lazy Blogger

Sorry folks, but like so many of us, I have been a little bit lazy of late -- or The Immense Bowel Movement of a POTUS would have you believe we are -- and the curse of the Proxy Server has struck again/ So that's why this site appears moribund.

But there's also a lot on this person's plate what with work, new USAFR responsibilities and the fact that The Woodsterman will be heading into town this Friday and all. One bright spot in an otherwise dismal November week. I get a change to tie into some Beefeaters, talk politics with MA, LL, and Odie, and maybe -- juts maybe -- I can figure out how to port TWP to another ISP so I can bootleg posts at work.




  1. There's some kind of capability in blogger to email a post rather than composing it in the dashboard. Have you tried that?

    I'm a fine one to talk, though. School is kicking my backside and I haven't posted in ages. I'm going to try to fix that soon.

    I'm very jealous of the gin drinking adventure - even if I am a Bombay Sapphire gal, myself.

  2. Ima ... now you're talking!

    I'm here ... so we'll see you on Friday! Drink up Dude!