June 12, 2011

Sunday morning Weiner Pic..

Ya know, I sure am gonna miss this old boy when he finally resigns. I mean over the past fortnight, he's the gift that keeps on giving. TMZ uncovered some photos that Anthony took of his weiner. (Now cut that out! - ed.)

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall.." 

So, what's the big deal you say? Well, these were taken in the Congressional Members' Gym! (I am only gonna warn you one more time! - ed.) I'd recommend your looking at the entire album to find out what a sick perv this guy really is and why he absolutely, positively should NOT resign from Congress. Herewith, of course, the usual caveat regarding lewd content.

Anthony was not available for comment; he'd gone for a schvitz

..stumbled on the above pic over at the Orange County Ragister site and thought I'd save it for a rainy day.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air posted a video of Weiner being interviewed by Don Imus that I thought I'd flagrantly rip off:

Weiner is ready to throw a couple of his fellow Dems under the bus for ethics lapses -- most notably Charlie Rangel -- but as Morrissey says:

For a man so eager to push his colleagues under the bus, Weiner seems awfully reluctant to apply the same standards to himself. No wonder his colleagues are so eager to get him to quit.

Pay close attention to his comments at the 2:30 mark. they are absolutely delicious.


  1. Note that Dems always make screwed up faces when they get busted, like someone shoved an entire lemon up their 4th point of contact

  2. No wonder they don't have a problem with TSA screening.