June 19, 2011


I was over at Skippy's BIG HAIRY NEWS and ripped off his scoop of the GOP coming up with a fund raising scheme of their own based on the recent offer by the The Pantload for a chance for four lucky people to eat dinner with him.

The GOP's plan, well, as Scooter puts it:

The Democrats' headline-grabbing promotion to offer a chance at a private dinner date with President Obama is reportedly drawing little money, but a great deal of press. Republican strategists looked at the program and asked if there might be a way to capitalize on it for their own financial gain, and the result is the "No Dinner, No Obama" raffle, where for ten dollars every entrant is guaranteed to not have dinner with the President.

"After seeing the recent photo of Obama stuffing a chili dog into his pie-hole, it was obvious most normal Americans would pay to not eat with him. We're pulling in huge bucks," said a GOP spokesman.

Scooter adds that he would gladly contribute $50 for the privilege of not breaking bread with Zippy, the POTUS and THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS.

Scooter Van Neuter: an artist of discriminating taste!

UPDATE: It seems that The Pantload is falling out of favor with the public. He can't raise squat getting people to eat din-din with him now but back in the heat of the 2008 campaign when everyone in the country was swooning over this clown's pants creases, he stopped into a diner and ordered up a plate of waffles that he could not finish.

Some enterprising employee scooped up the half-eaten plate and put it on eBay. (The auction was, mercifully, canceled.) Turns out, these were the famous uneaten waffles from the Glider Diner:

..so, even then the guy was a sack. He ducked the reporters questions, claiming the necessity for nourishment and then left the food on his plate.


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  1. In his honor I'm going to eat three day old peanut butter and jelly on a TV tray while watching reruns of the View. Buy the time that's over, I be angry enough to take on any crazed liberal in a bitch slapping contest.