June 11, 2011

And the hits just keep on coming..

Here's the latest from Drudge:

Late to the dance yet again, but I figure with Tony the Salami heading out the door, we ought to collect these for posterity. Post your favorite Weiner headline/joke/whatever so I can keep a record. Maybe if there's enough posts, I'll get a prize (like a package of Dodger Dogs Hebrew National or ringside seats to Nathan's this July) for the..er..weiner.

Off the table are No Sheeple's marvelous "Erections have Consequences" and this post from a Hot Air thread:

Stick it out, Weiner.

artist on June 11, 2011 at 4:11 PM

C'mon guys and gals, you can do it. In the mean time, I'll chew this up on the platter in case I get it on the request line:



  1. Don't underestimate the dedicated Leftist's ability to hang on to the bitter end. Let me know when he's up on charges for an actual crime. I've heard there's a little girl in Delaware who might be just the ticket ...

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. If he leaves the House, he'll be appointed to commissions and boards so that he can sustain his lifestyle at our expense.

  3. They are a desperate group; the 17-year-old was the last straw even thought Weiner may not have sent her anything on the order of his other "weinergrams". Still in all, it's not in the best of taste to have a 46-year-old congressmen tweeting underage girls.

    LL, I hear tell his reluctance to leave is because he can't afford the loss of salary and perks. His wife makes about $175K and he reported $150K last year with some serious obligations -- mortgages and the like -- and almost no other assets. He needs the cash flow to support his lifestyle and the talk on the street is he won't get an MSNBC commentator's gig. Although, those folks have not been known to be too discriminating.