June 14, 2011


The Chicago Jesus continues his stumping, this time heading into the Caribbean, scooping up votes and bucks wherever he can:

Air Force One has landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the first time it has done so in an official capacity since JFK’s island visit 50 years ago.  While in Puerto Rico, President Obama is scheduled to deliver remarks on the island’s status (the hottest of local hot-button topics), tout a Stimulus-funded project (time permitting), and (of course!) host a pair of fund raising events.

That's o.k.; it puts me in mind of one of my favorites in Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story. Now, The War Planner ain't one of those guys who ordinarily loves show tunes but who cannot deny the singing, verve, wit and superb dancing of this number. Also, ya gotta admit Rita Moreno was absolutely hot..

..well, she was to an adolescent testosterone-drenched lad like myself. I still love her and this performance:


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